I got (was) wet (soaked drenched) to the skin.
★ be 動詞を使用した場合は、状態と動作の両方を表現できますが、get では動作のみを表します。
your pants are soaking(drippng) wet.
★ 日本語でパンツと言うと下着のことですが、英語ではズボンのことをいいます。イギリス英語では、Trousers といいます。
下着は underwear になります。





It's getting wamer in proportion to the length of the day hours.
★ be proportion to ~で、~に比例してになります。
These two things are in inverse proportion to each other.
★ be in inverse proportion to ~で、~に反比例になります。
The basic ingredients of this soup are soysauce and mirin in the proportion 2:1.






You should finish these homewarks one at a time.
★ one at a timeで、「一つずつ」。このoneを変えれば、「go up the steps two at a ~ 階段を一度に 2 段ずつ上がる」などともいえます。
for a time(しばらくは、当分)を間違えて使わないように気をつけましょう。
He solved the problem one by one.






病気の症状を英語では、 the condition of a disease
His condition shows (a)little improvement.
★ a little/lettleで意味が違ってきます。
Don't treat the symptom, eliminate the cause.
My throat feels sore.
My joints ache.
I feel like throwing up.
I have little appetite.
I feel dizzy.
I have a cold.
I feel feverish.
My nose is blocked.
I can't stop coughing.
I have a runny nose.
I feel sluggish.
My head is throbbing.
I have terrible diarrhea.






I seem to have a cold.
I feel chilly.


What seems to be the problem?
How are you geeling today? ---どう致しました?
★ 決まり文句です。
Take your temparature.
Let me look ot your throat.Open your mouth.
Check your blood pressure.
Please lie down here on your stomack.
★ on your back「仰向け」
Do you sneeze or cough?
Let me give you a shot to get your fever down.
★ I have an injection on my right arm. (右腕に注射をする。)
Do you have an allergy to some medicine?
★ 答え方として、
I got a rash from antibiotics.
I want you to have a complete work-up.
Let's check whether the bone is broken by getting it X-rayed.
I recomend you to take a medical checkup once in a while.


I'm going to take a blood sample now.
Make a tight fist.
I'm going to take an electrocardiogram reading.
Please expose your chest, arms and ankles.
I'll give you anesthetizing gel to put in the back of your throat. Just let it stay in your mouth for 5 minutes.
---麻酔薬のをのどの奥にいれて、5分飲まずにそのままでいてください。 I will slide the gastro fiberscope in now. When I give you the sign, please swallow.
Let me know if you feel sick.
Let take an X-ray just in case.
Brathe in and hold it.
The results wil be back in a week.






This is just between us.
This is just between you and me.
Keep this secret / private.
Keep mum about the plan.
Mum's the word.
Zip your mouth.
Keep your lips sealed.
Don't tell anyone my secret.
---私の秘密を言わないで。 ★ どれも日本語では「秘密にする」と言い換えられます。
I won't say a word.
Mum's the word.
My lips are sealed.
I won't say anything.
Trust me.






What would you like to do with your hair today?
How much would you like me to cut off?
I'd like to have it lightened abit.
Your hiar has been damaged a bit, haven't you?
What color would you like to dye it?
Can you give me a perm to make it straight?
I want to have my hair dyed brown.
Please treat my hair/split ends.
Leave my bangs as they are.
Can I have a shampoo, cut and blow dry, please?
I would like to get a (loose/tight) perm.
Please thin out my hair.






It calms your mind, balances your hormone levels, and makes your skin condition better.
You have a clear skin./Beatiful Skin , Fine Skin, Smooth and Soft Skin