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There is an exception to every rule.
Everyone has a responsibility to pay taxes without exception.
Every student without exception must take this test to pass the grade.
The one exception is You.
Why can you only use this piano?
I'm the only exception.
He has a mental disease
In this case, we should make an exception.
I think we can make an exception this time.
He always cannot keep time.
I'm no exception.
Nobody avoids a death without exception.
♠ without exception で例外なくになります。使い勝手のよい表現ですので使い慣れましょう。
子供に You all have to do this without exception!


Keep in touch.
Take care and keep in touch!
Thank you for your great information.
Could you tell me how to get in touch with you?
How can I get in touch with you?
What's your phone/cellphone number?
Why don't we exchange e-mail addresses?
Please contact me anytime you want.
Please call me anytime you want.
I'm looking forward to hearing from you.---電話・メール
I'm looking forward to your reply.---メール
I'll be waiting for your call.---電話
I'll be waiting for your e-mail.---メール
I'll be waiting for your reply.---メール
Hope to hear from you soon.---電話・メール
Please give me a call.---電話
I'll be waiting.---電話・メール
Please feel free to contact us anytime.
I can't get in touch with my daughter.
I call you back soon.
By when should I contact you?
Let me know if you're going to be late.
Text me when you get back.
I’ll LINE you later.
I tried to get in touch with him.
I tried to get hold of him.
Let's keep in touch with each other.
Please let me know when you arrive there.
This train connects with the subway.





Practice makes perfect.
My daughter is practicing swimming every day.
Her father practices golf every weekend.
We need to practice self-control.
We need to practice economy.
Is it possible to put it into practice?
Today we have a field practice.
She likes to practice Syougi.
Our team has an Indoor practice center.
He departed from his usual practice in this case.
I think the gap between theory and practice is huge this time. You should change the plan.
His practice does not match with his principles.
My father practices/works in medicine.
The practice of visiting a shrine or a temple during the New Year.



I like to exercise.
I don't get enough exercise recently.
Walking is a good exercise for everyone.
I'm not good at exercise.
Keeps fit with a good diet and exercise.
Tramp's twitter exercises a big influence on social problems in the world.
The riots of the people exercised pressure over authorities.
Everybody, Answer the composition exercise in 20 minutes from now.



We are going to see military training today.
We can experience Buddhist training in the Enryakuji-Temple.
I'm going to Participate in the English training seminar tomorrow in Tokyo.
Our company can not conduct employee training this year cause COVID-19.
Do you do stretch training?
The kids went to a training camp last week.
I will keep a training daily basis from now on.
This is not training, it is real.
She is absent to do training today.



The disaster drill was carried out in school yesterday.
This is a drill-book.
You should drill in English pronunciation.
Welcome to our summer camp again.
You've already experienced this camp.
So, everyone knows the drill.

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