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When we were looking for him.
He appeared from nowhere.
★ From nowhere でどこからともなくです。
When he died, long-lost relatives came out of the woodwork to get a share of the estate.
★ come out of the woodwork/suddenly out of nowhereで「どこからともなく」


He is at a loss of what to do now.
Why don't you go and cheer him up?
★ Be at a loss で途方に暮れる。
He didn't know (had any idea) what to do next.
★ Be at the loss は古い言い方で現在口語では2番目の文が多く用いられる。
He is at his wit's end.
When their company went bankrupt, some of them were at a loss what to do next.


You can stay here for the time being.
★ For the time being には「さしあたり」「いまのところ」のような意味があります。
This beautiful weather will last for some time.
I'm sorry I have no time to make it for a while.


He is good at English.
Singing is not my thing.
English is not much in my line.


Time flies.
★ 卒業式やお別れ会での定番表現。
Things will get easier as time goes by.
★ As time goes by で「時が過ぎるにつれ」です。go by は「~の近くを通る」をそのままの意味と「~の名で通っている」のが意味あります。
I'm chemo, but I go by jenny here.


The overwork put years on him.
You are getting on a bit too.
He looks old for his age.
Nobody can stay the same age forever.
I'm not as young as I was.


He's getting to that age where he wants to know why this and why that.
He is getting to that age.
A man of your age should understand better.
You are old enough to understand things like that.
He is about the same age.
I started this work when I was about your age.


You have it made.
That amounts to a refusal.
★ Amount toは通常「合計で~」などというときに良くしようされますが、 「結局~ということになる、要するに~ということになる、~を意味する」などとも使われます。
The matter is as good as settled.
You might as well throw your money away as to give it to him.
★ might as wellはこのまま覚えましょう。
He looks no [little] better than a stray dog.
I come from Kyoto.
So do I.
I don't like a cat.
Me neither.
Boss treats me like a brother.


Leaps and bounds promoted him.
Everything went on swimmingly.
It wasn't all plain sailing.
My work went smoothly.
His wedding went off without a hitch.
★ hitchは、「からまり, ひっかかり」などの意味があります。


That fat is going to clog your arteries.
Arteries are blood vessels that carry oxygenated blood away from the heart.
動脈硬化: arteriosclerosis
動脈瘤 : an aneurysm.
JR is regarded as the industrial arteries of our country/
The Cuyo free way is one of the significant arteries in Japan.
★ artery は、人間の体の血管「動脈」と何かの中心的存在「major traffic artery」主要な幹線道路 などを表す「動脈」の二点に使用されます。


They gave him preferential treatment.
Don't rock the boat by demanding special treatment.
They are not going to give you special treatment just because you're an international student.
I have the privilege of using this particular car.
★ the opportunity of~で「~の特権」


On the way to school, I saw him talking with her.
★ there や home があとにくる場合,to はつかずに,on one's way home などとなります。これは there や home に to の意味が含まれているためです。
学校から帰りの場合は、on the way from school
I'll give you a lift part of the way.
Something must have happened somewhere along the way.
This flight to Osaka will stop over in Kinpong for 2 hours.
Excuse me for interrupting, but what would you like to drink?
---お話の途中ですが, お飲み物は何にいたしましょう。
I had to turn back half my vacation because of an emergency call from the boss.
I'm working on it right now.
★ work onで「~かしている最中」


She's beautiful relatively.
Things are, if anything, improving.
He was, if anything, a good singer.
I would much rather not see her today.
---どちらかといえば, 今日は彼女に会いたくない気持のほうが強い 。
I would say he looks more like his father than her mother.
On balance, they lost rather than gained from the project.
★ more than /rather /relatively /if anything などで「どちらからと言えば」を表すことが出来ます。


Sell like hotcakes
The new game is very popular. It’s selling like hotcakes!

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