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I have bad morning sickness.
Morning sickness usually disappears after the third month of pregnancy.
Morning sickness is really killing me.
★ Morning sickness で「つわり」になります。


★ 最初に爪に関して、その言い方を整理しておきましょう。
人間の爪 a nail (fingernail は手の指のつめ、toenailは足指のつめ)
猛鳥類のつめa talon
猫やタカなどの鋭く曲がったかぎつめa claw

You should manicure your nails.
I cut my nails yesterday.
I want to let my nails grow long.
The cat sharpens her nails.
He had black-edged nails.
You have dirty fingernails.
She bites her nails frequently.
★ nailを使ったイディオム
They fought tooth and nail.
I think what you said hit the nail on the head.


She had two kids back to back.
He's been working for five days running (five consecutive days).
We will continue our efforts for a peaceful settlement.
Are you still jogging every morning?
He spoke for three hours at a stretch.
---彼は three 時間続けて演説した。
Our team won three games in a row.


I'm seeing her.
How about going out with me?
Do you want to go out with me?
★ go out withは、デートに誘う時に使う用法であって、「付き合ってください」と告白する意味では使われません。
まだ付き合っていないこれからのときの最初の言葉ですね。他人がShe is going out with him.といった場合には付き合っていることを表します。
How long have you been with him?
Will you be my girlfriend?
Can I call you my girlfriend?
It's been already five years -
-since we started seeing each other.
-since we started dating each other.
-since we started going together.


My grandfather used to spin the most excellent yarns to us when we were kids.
He's always making things up.
Geez, you guys still believe in that? That's just a tall tale!.
Aren't you telling a story?
Don't you make up a story?
★ spin a yarn 「長話をする、冒険談をする」


I'm seeing Tom.
I'm going out with Tom.
I'm hanging out with Tom.
I will go on a date with Tom tomorrow.
Are you dating anyone?
They dated for a long time.
How long have you been with him?
★ たまにはこんなこともありますね。It's a one-side love affair.(片思いなの。)


In short, your proposal doesn't work.
♠「In short」は短く言うとから、つまりになります。

I'm your boss In other words I can always fire you.
♠「In other words」で「言い換えると」となり「つまり」と言う意味に使えます。

To make a long story short your idea doesn't work.
♠「To make a long story」で「手短に言うと」となります。

What I’m trying to say is I want to return this.
♠「What I’m trying to say is」「what I want to say is 」で「つまり私が言いたい事は」になります。

To sum up, we have to make more effort.
♠「Sum up」で「合計する」と言う意味があって、「To sum up」でまとめて言いますととなります。

The point is you don't press this button.
♠「The point is 」は日本語でも「ポイントは」と使いますので全く同じです。

I don't like this. I mean It's not fit me.
♠「I mean」は映画なんかでもよく聞く口語で使う言い方です。

This incident happened in Jun, i.e. two months ago.
ラテン語の「id est」からきていて意味的には 「in other words(言い換えれば)」になります。
I like fruits  e.g.banana, apple, and strawberry.
♠こちらは同じくラテン語の「exempli gratia」からきていて意味的には「For example(例えば)」となります。
I like fruits banana, apple, strawberry, etc.


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