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This is out of date technology.
★ Her way of thinking about marriage is old-fashioned.
That style has gone out of fashion.
Your idea is behind the times.
★ ちなみに、behind schedule は予定より遅れてですのでお間違いなく。


I don't feel like cooking tonight. let's eat out.
I feel like going out for a walk.
I feel like a cup of tea.
★ feel like の後に続く動詞(verb)は~ing 型ですのでお間違いなく。
同様の表現に bring oneself to があります。
I couldn't bring myself to believe it.


Who wears the pants in his house?
★ wears the pants で女が亭主を尻にひくという意味がありますので、答えは奥様です。


He is outgoing.
★ outgoing のかわりに sociableも使えます。
He is unsociable.
★ out~にはいくつか有名な使い方があります。outspoken ですと「遠慮なくものを言う。」outstanding ですと「目立つ・未払い」となります。


The student began to understand, Gradually.
★ little by little / step by step / slowly / by degrees などが徐々にの意味でほとんど同様に使用できます。


He certainly knows what's what.
★ what's what で「何が有益で大切なのか」という意味の口語表現になります。
She is not well up in the actual situation.
★ well, up in(on)~ で~に詳しいとか精通しているとなります。


Tears trickled down my cheeks without knowing it, while I heard her tragic fate.
★ Without knowing it で知らずにとなります。少し硬い言い方ですので、before I knew it でも同じ感じになります。


They carried out the plan.
They put the plan into practice.
They translated the plan into action.
He always keeps his promises.
★ put the plan into practice.translated the plan into action.は比較的に格式ばった言い回しです。


I'm proud of you.
He always brags about his car.
She always boasts about her son.
I'm sick of his bragging.
★ be proud of は普段から周りに自慢しているのではなく自分自身の心の中で誇りに思っている感じです。 boast about(of) は口に出して周りに自慢することです。
brag about は更に大げさにうそまで交えて自慢しまくる感じです。
I flatter myself that I'm the best English speaker in this class.
★ うむぼれの入った言い回しです。
Not to brag or anything, I can speak five languages.
This is nothing to brag about.


He died of cancer.
★ die は死ぬを言う意味で最も一般的な言い方。
He was killed in a car accident.
★ 事故や災害などで死んだときにいいます。
My father passed away ten years ago.
★ 死ぬを言う言葉を婉曲的に表現するときにしようします。よく使われるので覚えましょう。
He died like a dog.
Do you believe in life after death?
He has been dead for two years.
★ die と dead と取り違える人が多くいます。動詞と形容詞ですのではっきり頭の中で区別しておきましょう。
She murdered him with a knife.
--- 彼女は彼をナイフで殺した。
★ 殺人による死に使います。


Language doesn't get in the way.
★ get in the way (of~) で~の支障になる。邪魔になる。
I'm sorry to disturb you, but may I ask you a question?
Do not disturb them.
★ ホテルのドアノブに掛けるお決まりの看板。
Don't disturb yourself.
★ 気を使ってあなた自身に邪魔になりませんように、と言う感じの決まり文句。
Get out of my way.


Ths father scolded his daughter for being late.
★ scold は叱るの意味でもっとも一般的な言い方。
The teacher told off one of his students in front of everyone.
★ tell off は叱ると言う意味の口語的な表現。
That boy needs a good scolding.


I paid for our dinner on a credit card.
★ 支払うの最も一般的な言い方pay for 物(~の支払い) pay 人(だれだれに支払う)。
She pays 40thousand yen for her apartment every month.
★ pay 金額 for 物(~に~円払う)pay 人 円(だれだれに~円払う)
He forked out a pile to buy the house.
★ fork out 《口語》〔...に〕(いやいや)金を出す, 支払う

時刻 ・時間

My watch doesn't seem to keep a good time. Do you have the time?
★ 「時刻が合っていない」は keep bad time となります。
Do you have the time? は時刻を尋ねる言い方。
Do you have time?「お時間ありますか」相手の都合を尋ねる言い方。

As time goes on, they have been forgotten by everyone.
★ 月日を経るに従って、時が過ぎるに従って、時間が経つにつれて、時が経過{けいか}するにつれて

It will take a long time.
Its time for dinner.
The train arrived just on time.
I don't want to waste time.
I have no time to ~.
We had a good time.
★ パーティーの最後などに言うお礼の言葉
I finished this work 5 minutes ahead of (behind) time.
Time went by so fast.
Time flies.
---時が経つのは早い。 The time ran out very fast.


He is a coward.
He is very timid with girls.
Heis chicken.


Don't worry about it.it is not the end of the world.
I'm a natural worrier.
Once you start worrying, there's no end to it.
I am anxious about his health.
I'm worried about his health.
I feel uneasy about his health.
I am concerned about his health.
★ どれも心配となりますが、anxious/worryは大体同じ感覚で形容詞/動詞(名詞)の違いがありますのでご注意。
uneasyは、何か嫌な予感を含んでいます。 concernは日本語で「気に掛けている」ぐらいの感覚です。
He gave her financial help.


国民の休日(national holidays)についてその英語表現を習いましょう。

New Year's Day.
A day to celebrate the first-day od the year.

Coming of Age Day.
A day to welcome the young men and women who have turned or will turn the age of 20 during the current year.

National Foundation Day
The day of the first Emperor Jinmu's enthronement, as written in the Nihon Shoki.

Showa Day
A day to reflect on the Showa period. (Emperor Showa's birthday.)

Constitution Day
A day to commemorate the enactment of the Constitution of Japan in 1947.

Greenery Day
A day to appreciate nature.

Children's Day
It used to be called tango no seek, a day of celebration for boys only. Now it is a day to wish for the health and happiness of all children.

Marine Day 海の恩恵に感謝する日
A day to appreciate the sea for its blessings.

9月の第3月曜 敬老の日
Respect-for-the-Aged Day
A day to show respect for the elderly.

Health and Sports Day
Enacted in commemoration of the opening of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

Culture Day
In commemoration of the day when the Constitution of Japan was promulgated in 1946.

Labor Thanksgiving Day
A day to appreciate the labor and celebrate a good harvest.

The Emperor's Birthday
The current Emperor's birthday.


It's up to you whether to go or not.
Promotion depends on achievement.
It all depends.
Let's go out together as soon as it clears up.
A student is what a teacher makes him.
I will pay for the receipt of the goods.


he is having a housewarming party this Saturday.
I gave him a clock as a housewarming present.
New(My) House Under Construction.
★ House Under Construction.で「新築中の家」と一塊の単語として使用されます。だれでも新築は嬉しいですのでこれに更にNew/Myを付けて言う人も沢山います。


In all likelihood, Her success will continue for the time being.
There's a strong likelihood that the matter will soon be settled.
★ likelihoodで、ありそうなこと, 見込み, 可能性になります。
There isn't a chance of surviving a fall from that cliff.
In nine cases out of ten, He will succeed.
★ In nine out of tenとすると、「10人中9人は」という意味になります。


It just can't be helped.
There is no help for it.
Did you make a big mistake again? You're hopeless.
There is nothing for it but to do.
We have no choice but to do.
It's doesn't make any sense to say so after that.
There is no other way except that
---それ例外に方法はない。 What can I do with a fool like that?
I don't think you can't get anything through that.


She often buys clothes on impulse.
★ buy sth on impulseで「衝動買いをする。」になります。
She is a typical impulse buyer.


I wish I could go with you, but to tell the truth, I'm broke today.
★ I'm brokeで「お金ががすっからかん。」I'm brokenだと「もうガタガタだ。」みたいな感覚ですので間違いなく。
To be honest (frank) (with you)It was my false.
正直に言うとには、ほかにhonestly/speaking truthfullyなどもあります。


If you want to improve your English skills. you need hardworking effort.
Do everything step by step, and you will surely make it.
He made an honest living.


I can't communicate with foreigners well in actual situations.
★ 日本人の典型的なパターンです。どんなに難しい大学入試の英文が理解できても、日常の挨拶さえできません。
An ounce of practice is worth a pound of theory.
Practice makes perfect.
He put a plan into practice.


Martin Luther King is still known for his eloquence.
He is known to the public.
He is known as an honest man.
★ be known to/for/as に慣れておきましょう!


That's nothing to be proud of.
She is proud of her son.
He never boasts of his success.
She used to boast to me about her son.
He likes to brag about his company.
It is nothing to brag about.
★ make a brag of~「~を自慢する」と名詞としても使えます。
though I say it myself
I flatter myself that
I flatter myself that I'm good at playing the guitar.


Many women in European countries are sensitive to how they are treated at work.
He has a nervous disposition.
---彼は神経質な性格だ。 ★ dispositionで、「性質, 気質, 性癖」
He's sensitive to criticism.
Don't be so sensitive about other's opinions.
sensitive と sensible「分別のある,思慮深い」
★ sensitive と sensible「分別のある,思慮深い」は似ていますので混同しないように。
He is a sensible man.(彼は物分りのいい男だ。)
He is a highly-strung person.
★ strung はstring(ひも/糸)の過去分詞で、日本語にもあるように糸をピーンと引っ張ると緊張します。


He has been studying day and night to be a lawyer.
He has been working around the clock to finish it on time.
He has been working day and night.
He was chewing gum all the time I was talking.
★ 四六時中は、「一日中/ずっと/いつも」などと日本語では同じ意味になります。


He traded in his car for a new one.
They took his car as a trade-in.
Any make of TV accepted for trade-in.
★ よく見る店頭表示
If your car is rusty. Its trade-in value will fall
---車がさびていると, 下取り価格が下がります。


I got wrinkles around my eyes.
She ironed out the wrinkles in her jacket.
She wrinkled her nose.
She wrinkled her forehead.
Her face is wrinkled with age.
This skirt wrinkles easily.


test the waters
Have you started with the new business yet?
Not yet. I decided to postpone it and test the waters first to make sure it’s needed.


Could you please take my picture?
Would you like me to take your picture?
Thank you
Take one more picture just in case.
Are you ready? say cheese.
Please check the picture.
Fine Thank you.
---いいね ありがとう。


Spirited Away千と千尋の神隠し

Howl's Moving Castle ハウルの動く城

Princess Mononoke もののけ姫

Ponyo on the Cliff 崖の上のポニョ

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Can you tell me…? 「〜を教えてくれますか?」
Can you tell me the way to the station?

Please tell me a little about…「〜についてちょっとお教えてください」
Please tell me a little about your job,

What is it like …? 「〜の場合はどうですか?」
What is it like your situation.

I want to hear about… 「〜について聞きたいです」
I want to hear about your country.

(Can)Could I ask you a personal question?
Canなどは過去形のCould にする事で丁寧な言い方になります。

How long have you been here in~?「ここ~にどのくらい滞在していますか?」
How long have you been here in Japan,

-さ行, 50音別英会話集

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