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Don't believe him because he has two faces.
★ two faces で二つの顔を持っていることから、日本語でも同じですね。
He is two-faced.
She is a snake in the grass.
♠「a snake in the grass 」で信用できない人、表裏がある人。
This paper has its right and wrong side.
The paper is the same on both sides.
He knows the political world inside out.
He betrayed by double-dealing.
You have your shirt on inside out!


I smell a rat.
★ なにかあいてに不信をかんじたときの表現。
The guy is a suspicious character.
He sounded unreliable.
That sounds very fishy.
I saw a fishy looking advertisement on the way home.
It's very hard to believe.
Something smells fishy to me!
She doesn't seem trustworthy.
unreliable, erratic,shady, shifty, fishy, dodgy, sketchy, shady
questionable, suspicious


I'm fed up.
This is a Boring job.
He is a pain!
Today is rotten weather.
It's really bothering me.
I'm already tired of it.
♠「be tired of~」で「~にうんざり」
I'm so sick and tired of receiving junk emails
♠「be sick and tired of~」で「~にうんざり」
I'm fed up with your being selfish.

♠「be fed up with 〜」で「~にもうたくさん」となります。
I'm disgusted with my wife.
I can't stand the constant price increases of the mask.


There's no meaning beneath it.
Are there any hidden meanings in what you said?
What's the implication of his words?


She dozed off in front of the TV.
He was dozing over a book.
They got so relaxed that they dozed off.
Half asleep, I felt the train start moving.
---うとうとしながら, 列車が動きだすのを感じた。
He likes to take(have) a nap in my lap.
I nodded off for a few minutes.
---数分居眠りしてしまった。 She snoozed on the sofa.
★ 少し違いをまとめてみます。
take a map →意識してうたたねをする。
doze off →意識なしに体が勝手に眠ってしまう。これが日本語にうたたねに最も近い表現です。
nod off →眠くて我慢できずに頭がこっくりしている状態です。
snooze →doze より寝ていてはいけない時に居眠りをする。目覚まし時計の「snooze button」は起きなきゃまずい時のボタンですからぴったりです。


I'm just kidding.
---冗談だよ 。
You liar!
Stop joking.
Don't tell lies.
That can't be true.
You've got to be kidding.
It's true.
It's the truth.
Get out of here.
★ 本来は、「ここから出て行け」という意味ですが、日本語の「話にならないあっち行ってろ」みたいな感覚で信じがたいことを開いてが言った時にしようされます。


うるう年ではない通常の年(common year)は、1年ごとに曜日が1つずつ後ろにズレます。

In a leap year, February has 29 days.
Someone born on leap day is called a "leapling."
My birthday only comes every four years. Because I was born on February 29th.
★ うるう年は、aintercalary yearとも言います。
~毎には、every ~ years(months/minutes...)~に数字を入れれば完成です。
太陽暦:the solar calendar(現代カレンダー)
太陰暦:the lunar calendar(中国などで使用されているカレンダー)


I drive a car.
I got my driver's license two years ago.
That machine is out of operation right now.
The elevator is not working now.
The Tokai Shinkansen resumed service 2 hours later.
Drunken driving is liable to result in a traffic accident.
The buses run every ten minutes.
We are short of working funds.


He took his driving test.
How did he do?
I got my driver's license at last.
Your driver's license expired.
She is a Sunday driver.
★ ペーパードライバーは和製英語で、英語にはそれに当たる単語が存在しません。

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